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The ‘perfect life’ isn’t always easy.

Note: This post took me a few weeks to write, I completed it yesterday at work and then last night we had another ‘bump in the road.’ After dealing with that as best as we could we got to enjoy a few moments of our girls laughing and giggling together sitting on the rocking chair. Those are the moments I need to focus on.

2 kids and a dog has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

Right now I’m living that dream.

But sometimes the dog is underfoot (which is saying something when he weighs 65lbs) the kids are both crying and you are at the end of your rope. Sometimes the house is a mess and just doing the basics every night dosen’t leave enough time to clean. Sometimes work is hard, sometimes family is hard.  Sometimes perfect isn’t possiable, Sometimes ‘the dream’ is hard.

Those times when you know you just can’t get it all done without sacrificing something important. Those days when you just need a moment to yourself, and you can’t even get in the shower.

Those times you just sit on the floor holding your girls crying.

Those days you don’t think you can do it 1 minute longer.

Your not alone, I’ve been there, I’m sure I will be there again. With my history of anxiety and depression, post partum depression was a real concern but thankfuly I didn’t get to that point. However there were a few times I felt like I was on the brink, I was starting fights with my husband just because it felt good to yell. I didn’t realize then that I was simply releasing pent up emotions in an unhealthy way.

Thankfuly I have a very supportive group around me (including my midwife.) Who helped me realize that it was actually normal. Hormones are crazy and they cause you to do and think crazy things, and that is normal.





So today I want to encourage you, I still don’t see my world as perfect, I never will. Each day is a new challenge and a new adventure and by looking for the positives I’m finding more of them. The simple pleasure of picking up toys, even if I know that the play room will only stay clean until naptime is over. The enjoyment of cooking a healthy meal for them and knowing they are getting the nutriants they need. I remind myself everyday that:

I love my imperfect life.

How about you? Tell me some of the ‘little things’ you love about your life.

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Take care of your body, so it can take care of you.

I’ve been inactive for 5 LONG weeks now since my surgery Dec 19th and last weekend I finally got to run (this weekend I get to resume other exercise!!!) I was nervous, I have a 7k on March 14th and my goal, prior to needing surgery, was to beat my PR for this race of 40:59.

With this goal in mind I made sure to keep on track during my off time. Proving that my new eating habits were just that habits, not a fad. I’m excited to say I was successful! I ate well with a few treats here and there and when I got out to run this weekend I ran 2 miles in 20:20 (not pushing it.) I took care of my body, giving it the right nutrients to heal and stay in shape, and in turn it took care of me when I was ready to become active again :)

I think this is a part of eating healthy people don’t take seriously. Many of the people I’ve spoken with think a calorie is a calorie. Its simply not true, the quality of your calories matter. Your body simply can’t do the same work with a big bowl of cereal as it can with some eggs, bacon and kale. In order to heal and produce energy our bodies need protein, fat, vitamins, sugar (real sugar) and carbs. Oh and of course water ;)

Read this artical its great!

So I have a few hints for you:

  • If you want to learn more about nutrition and how to fuel your body a great podcast I’ve found is Dishing up Nutrition, they do talk a lot about supplements and while I think they have their place (and I personally use Shakeology as a supplement) I feel sometimes they are over used. They have a podcast too so you can download that in your podcast app.
  • Another great way to do this is to focus more on how many servings of these food groups you are eating per day if you make sure you are doing that in balance the calories will take care of themselves. I’m not a nutritionist so I can’t advise you on this but I do have some resources if your interested in learning more about eating this way.
  • Don’t believe the myth of a calorie is a calorie, when faced with a choice between two foods try to look at the nutrient content to make your decision, not the calories.

We need to take care of our bodies so that it can take care of us.

Sunday Run-day {Bolderband Giveaway!}

I haven’t been able to run in about 2 months, and before that hiatus I wasn’t able to run much with the cold weather and 2 little girls. This Sunday however I have the Surgeons approval to start up again, and I get to do so with a fun new headband!

I won’t lie I like new gear and often its how I reward myself for various accomplishments. So when I knew I would need a little motivation during my time off I contacted boulder band and they not only sent me a headband to review they sent me one to give away!


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.49.44 PM
So lets get right to it, I apparently have the weirdest shaped head in the world, headbands just don’t stay on. I thought I had found a brand, but after about my 4th run in it, I lost it during a run :( guess not. I’m happy to say that if I pull this boulder band  on to my forehead a little bit, it doesn’t budge! I’ve done tons of PiYo in it and it hasn’t moved at all! Check out this little video of some PiYo moves  (1. I’m super proud becuae I couldn’t do these moves when I started the program and 2. Ignore the crying babies.)

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.50.24 PM
When it comes down to it, its a fairly straight forward design but I think the materials they use are what makes it quality, plus they have 4 sizes, which is probably the biggest reason they stay. Not to mention “Our bands are made right here in our small Colorado hometown by an incredible team of dedicated professionals committed to producing the highest quality product possible.” how do you beat that? I won’t lie, the prices seemed a bit high to me at first but if they stay on your head its worth it because your not wasting money on replacing headbands that fall off.


Want to win one? I’m giving away this pretty rainbow cheveron print in size s/m!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.19.51 PM

Stock photo from BolderBands

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Using the library {Simple Steps}

For the last year or so we have been taking steps towards simplicity. For some its a semi-fast process… not for us, its been little by little changing habits, purging stuff room by room and fighting the need to buy more. It’s amazing to me how things creep back into the house under the guise of ‘good things.’ The most recent example of this is books.

I’ve realized that I’m NEVER going to read all the fiction books I’ve acquired. So I decided to purge (again) my book collection down to my 1 favorite collection that I can read over and over. Just removing fiction book equaled around 30 books out of the house, next I’m going to tackle my cook book collection.

At the same time I was purgeing I created a list of books I needed to buy….umm WHAT?? How does that even make sense?

It doesn’t.

So after a few days of…justifying that they were personal development or Bible Study books and then moving on to the Nook vs physical book argument (full price vs clutter.) I finally checked the library to see if they had the books on my list. They did, of course. So now instead of adding to my collection I’m going to check them out, and read them. Then if its one I need to mark up and re-read I MIGHT buy it, used. But mostly I’m just going to keep a note book going so I can look back at that.



So there you have it, I’ve hit two things I’m working on this year, less clutter and less money spent.

What simple steps are you taking?

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Thoughts on Thrusday {It’s a New Day}

Sometimes you just feel like you need a reset. December was an incredibly stressful month and I’ll admit we let it defeat us. We were snippy and taking our frustrations out on each other. It wasn’t our finest moment. Since the new year we have seemed to be turning around and I think the other day we made a break through.

The good part was we both knew all along we weren’t really mad at each other, it was just everything we had going on. That knowledge however doesn’t stop the hurt. Today is a new day and even though we are facing many of the same stressors, we are facing them together.

Until we get through a few of these things I’m trying to focus on each day, not the big picture, not tomorrow (unless I have to planning wise) today and only today. It’s a new day, lets see what good things God has for me today. I’m going to keep a record of a few things each day that are positive so that when I look back I can see that it isn’t ‘all bad’ as I tend to believe when I get in a funk. I have these cute little green notebooks Mac got me for Christmas I’m going to use.

Thi biggest thing I’m working on is remembering that God is in control, not me….I like being in control so this is hard. I have to remind myself that I can’t control everything and that by trying and worrying I’m just stressing myself out more.


How about you? What good things were you able to see happen today? Do you keep a record of them?


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