Thoughts after my 1st day of 21 Day Fix Extreme

Why 21 Day Fix Extreme? I have a sugar addiction and while I’m doing good compared to the past I see the sugar cycle creeping back into my life and I want to break it before I’m in full addiction mode again….Honestly based on how weird I felt this morning right around when I normally […]

When ‘normal life’ overwhelmes.

You know all of those amazing posts out there that talk about ‘real life’ and inspire and encourage us all? Yeah this isn’t going to be one of those… Sometimes life isn’t over booked, there is nothing you can cut out. Sometimes normal everyday life is the most overwhelming of it all. The need to […]

If I’m honest.

Last week I posted a picture of myself last night after my workout, see here it is: I captioned it “Stronger, Faster I know that is true, I know my clothes are fitting better, my anxiety has lessened, my speed and endurance¬†has improved and yet…..I HATE that the number hasn’t changed since November. I flex […]

Spring Planning and another no spend challenge.

Well folks I’m going to do it again, April is going to be a shopping ban month. We have been doing¬†well since the end of the shopping ban but I know we can do better and with the change of seasons comes the temptation to buy new outfits, new ‘toys’ for our homes (mowers, play […]