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You guys know I struggle with the intake of sugar, its no surprise to hear on this blog. The other day when I was trying to justify a laffy taffy I started doing some comparisons between fruit and candy.

Banana- 7-8 inches long has 105 calories and 14g of sugar. However it also has 1g of protein and 3g of fiber.

Milky Way 1 regular bar is 260 calories, 35g of sugar,  2g protein, and 1g fiber

Apple  A 3″ medium sized apple has 95 calories, 19g of sugar, 0.5g of protein and 4.5g of fiber.

Broccoli 1 cup of chopped broccoli only has 30 calories, 1.5 g of sugar, 2.5g of protien and 2.3g of fiber 

Ring Pop 70 calories,  11g of sugar unknown fiber and protein

Humm so what does this all mean, well first of all fruits and veggies are better for you (duh.) Candy often has no nutritional value where fruit and veggies do (although how much depends on the food.) Also since fruit and veggies often include soluble fiber, that aids in slowing the absorption of sugar and not causing a shock to your system. This in turn helps lower cravings and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

So its all information we knew already but it helps to have it down on paper, especially when a craving for a laffy taffy hits.




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Aspirations 2011 Update#4

The good:

  • I’ve cut down on my sugar intake ALOT! I’m still not perfect but hey who is?
  • Another successful crock pot recipe from A Year of Crock Pot Cooking, Fish! I used light mayo and fresh caught fish from our trip to Canada last year. The mayo I use is whole ingredients only no preservatives or added anything. So really it was pretty good health wise. Oh and we used parmesan not cheddar.
  • I’ve lost 3 pounds!
  • I”m cutting back on my depression meds. This isn’t something I talk about much because well I’m a hypocrite. I tell all my friends if they need them take them and don’t look down at them at all. However when I’m on them I tend to get down on myself. I think this stems from growing up with ADHD and needing meds to be ‘normal.’  I worked very hard to learn cooping methods so I didn’t need those pills and just to be back on something else was a little heartbreaking for me.
  • We have cut back on dinning out.
  • $$ Wise I’m working on couponing, this Saturday will be my first try at double daz at my local store.

The Bad:

  • Not doing so hot with paying off the Pathfinder. We have taken up a new paintball photography and blog endeavor and it takes a lil money to get started. Check out that blog at for something different.
  • Still should go back to the cash budget for dinning out this would really help us stick to the plan.
  • I’m forgetting my sleeping pill far too often which causes me to be tired and therefore need a pop or something to wake up. Not good for natural foods or $$

Well it looks like at least numbers wise the good out weigh the bad so I”m going to stick to that way.

!!6 to 3 WIN!!

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Aspirations: Update #2 (Debit and Food)


Credit Cards are paid off!! Step one is complete! Now moving on to paying off the Pathfinder. Starting this month, I’m going to add the money we were paying to the credit cards to the principal. The good news about this loan is that we have a great interest rate and in the past 15 months we have paid off almost $4000.00!!!

Eating Habits

I started a interesting little jump start diet this week to try and break the sugar habit, I decided it was time for something extreme. I’m not trying to get rid of sugar completely I’m trying to get rid of it as a daily occurrence in large quantities. So I was thinking detox. I did some research and really got nowhere. I was scared to just go in to a Target and buy something, so when my hubby wanted to go to GNC for something else I tagged along.

I told the worker what my goal was and I was surprised and pleased that she didn’t take me to the detox shelf she took me too the weight loss area!?!? I got the 7 day Fast loss Total Lean kit and  by-jove I think its working. It is a 3 part system that includes a vitamin pack, meal replacement shakes and a fiber drink.


I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from this, my goal isn’t to lose weight, although after changing birth control I did gain back the 10 lbs I previously lost so I wouldnt’ mind seeing that gone again. However I’ve noticed that by following their diet suggestions and using the shakes the cravings for sweets are gone! I’m still tempted when they are around me (ie the office break room) but its much easier to talk myself out of” just one bite.”  I think this is partly because of the added fruit and veggies I’m eating probably double the amount I used to. The other factor is the “pre diet detox” its a fiber drink that I think is helping clean out my system faster so the withdrawal isn’t as bad.

Mac is working a weird schedule for the next few weeks so I think I’m goingto buy the 2 week addition to this plan and see if  Ican get a stable footing for when I’m on my own.

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Taking care of myself

Its amazing how much taking care of myself affects my attitude. The healthier I eat, the easier it seems to be in a good mood throughout the day.  When I exercise it wears me out, but the next day I feel more energetic, and maybe a little bit sore.  That is why about 2 months ago I started a ‘diet.’ Its not food restrictive or weird it is simply away to keep me accountable. The healthier I eat the ‘more’ I can eat throughout the day. I’ve been learning about some of the snacks I’ve been choosing and how many calories they include. I’ve been finding healthy alternatives to snacks I normally want and I’ve lost 6 pounds!

Losing weight isn’t my ultimate goal, heath is. That being said I’m a 27 year old woman, there is no reason that I should be growing out of my pants. So the goal is to get fit and stay in the pants I’ve got.

MAC has recently started exercising with me and keeps commenting on how much more energy he has. Sunday he played paintball for 7 hours and still had the energy to play a game of softball when a friends team came up a player short. In the past he would have come home and crashed (who can blame him?)

Some of my new summer favorites are:

~Edy’s all fruit Popsicles

~Blue Bunny all natural yogurt check out this ingredient list!

Milk, Fat Free Milk, Sugar, Strawberries, Cream, Inulin, Bananas, Egg Yolks, Carob Bean Gum, Cultures.

~Lemon aid (fresh lemon juice, carbonated water, honey and frozen berries)Find the recipe at The Shiny Pebble

~ Fruit (of course but I had to include it)

~Iced Tea (the real stuff)

Silly but very proud moment.

I’m at work and I’m trying to reduce sugar…again. I went into the break room and saw whoppers, yumm but I was good I asked myself “would you rather the whoppers now or a sucker when you get home?” Then I walked away!! Woo hoo!

Also yesterday I met my new mentee for coffee and when I got home I didn’t have a sucker because I already had a sugar filled coffee! Maybe I am trainable!

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