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Flashback Wednesday: Up-Cycled 80s heart shirt

 Here is a post from last valentines day I thought I would share again!

There is this super cool chick over at Wobisobi who last year did 52 Re-Style projects, so many of them are on my to do list. Well this one is now on my done list! Just in time to wear it on my valentines day date tonight (under my Wild sweatshirt of course.) Check out the inspiration. Wobisobi’s Heart Shaped , Off The Shoulder Tee-Shirt.



Check out Wobisobi’s post for full instructions but I’ll point out a few things I did differently.

I started with one of Mac’s old Tee-Shirts and one of my old too short tank tops. Along with some clips and a heart pattern (since I stink at free handing.)Supplies, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I clipped the shirt to a magazine and then traced around the heart with pencil.

Trace, Uploaded with Snapbucket

The rest I did step by step and here is what I ended up with

80s, Uploaded with Snapbucket
Not bad huh? How do you think it compares?


The Shabby NestPositively Splendid

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Vinyl Storage Box

 I’m trying for probably the 5th time since moving here (ahem 3.5 years ago) to get my office in order. Its basically a wide hallway that I have taken over. I’m trying to organize as I go this time so hopefully it sticks.

Wait till you see my purge pile I made last night….I’m pretty proud.


See those drawers under my desk? No not the nice cabinet ones the plastic ones, that is some random storage right now but the top drawer holds my vinyl sheets. When they come, I unroll them and cut them into 6×12 sheets because that is the largest size my machine uses.



I found a shoebox that my vinyl fit in nicely and started cutting out some tabbed dividers. Since my vinyl was 6 inches I cut them 6.5 inches and then trimmed them down to 6 inches leaving a tab behind.





I then decided to round the corners on the tabs, just because I wanted to ;)


Then I covered them in small scraps of vinyl that I traced around to match the tabs perfectly, once for each color group.


Lastly I covered it in polka dot vinyl and added the word Vinyl, there is no better way to transfer words evenly than with transfer tape.


All done I really like how it turned out, scraps in the back, and its all healed up by my transfer tape roll.


All tucked away in its drawer.




Skip To My Lou


Shaken Together


Gingerly Made

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Holiday Phone Case

With November comes holiday season which for most of us is a pretty busy time. Its also a time when many of us are wanting to spread some Christmas cheer so I came up with a way to cover a not so ‘me’ phone case and make a holiday case all at the same time. Best part of this project is that you can make it as intricut or simple as you and and dont’ have to have a cutting machine to make it happen. Also you don’t need mass amounts of vinyl for this project you can use scraps for this one!

First head to your local store and find a clearance case:

Yep that should do. Next Trace out the shape of the case on the backside of your vinyl:

Now cut it out just INSIDE your traced line and use a corner rounder to make smooth rounded corners (redundant much?) Then slowly place it on your case, starting at the top and slowly rolling it down to eliminate any bubbles.

Then use other color cut outs to decorate, this is when you can either go crazy with fancy, detailed shapes from a cutting machine or stay pretty basic with strips or big shapes. I didn’t think of the stipe idea to later so here is what I came up with:


PS its hard to tell in the picture but the red and the green are metallic and the silver is well silver

Find more great vinyl craft Ideas at the Expressions Vinly Blog I post there on the first Monday of every month.


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Thanksgiving Subway Art

I did a project like this over a year ago, but I figure some of you are new AND I think this one has a fun personal twist. Thanksgiving is still a little way out but I wanted to give you time to make this and have it on display!

  • First thing to do is make a list of things you are thankful for. You can see my list below, try to stick to single words not phrases and have at least 20-25 words of varying lengths.

87C60256, Uploaded with Snapbucket

  • Next get collect whatever colors of vinyl you want to use for your project. I choose outdoor vinyl so I could place the tile by our front door.


2400E480, Uploaded with Snapbucket

  • I use the Gypsy to fill up one full 6×12 template with words in different fonts and sizes. Also in the gaps where you can’t fit words place symbols and shapes that you can use to fill in gaps. I don’t do any measuring for the first one I just fit in as much as possible.

(This image is from my Christmas tile I forgot to take this pic…)

  • Then weed (remove excess vinyl around the edges and in-between) your vinyl and place a full sheet of transfer tape over top. When you peel up the tape the vinyl will peel off the backing (at least it does for me.) I place it back on the backing paper and then cut it apart into the different words and symbols making ‘stickers.’ I use pressure 2 speed 1 and blade depth 2 to keep it from cutting through the backing.

74D30CC5, Uploaded with Snapbucket

  • Start laying it out on your tile (or whatever medium you are using.) Then simply rub on the ‘stickers’ you made with the transfer tape.
  • Now do it again, with your next sheet of vinyl but this time start measuring the gaps and make sure you have a place for each word you cut out. Consider doing 1/2 and 1/2 of colors to make sure you mix them up. I didn’t measure anything too precicly I just knew nothing over 5.5 inches and such and then cut.
  • Lastly remove the backing and adhere everything!


EAF4844B, Uploaded with Snapbucket


Jack O Lantern Candy Bowl + Fall Pumpkin Table Decor

If you guys haven’t been paying attention ;) once a month I post on the Expressions Vinyl Blog. Its a great blog full of insipreation for the many uses of vinyl. Here is my post from last Monday:

So last year on Halloween I decided I needed a quick way to decorate my candy bowl for the kids. It was easy I flipped over a sheet of black matt vinyl drew out two triangles and a toothy grin and cut it out. About 5 min later I had this:

Orange bowl + black vinyl= fun candy bowl.


Now a year later its been in the dishwasher countless times (including today) and is still grinning strong.

F6C1B526, Uploaded with Snapbucket


Today I decided to use the same super easy technique to make some table decor. Check it out!

Gather your supplies: Candy, Jars, Scrap Vinyl, Pen, Scissors

Draw on the back of your scrap vinyl

Cut out your shapes

Put together your jack o lanterns

Fill the jars with candy, Done!

If you want to make one a ‘hillbilly wineglass’ just use a little e-6000

Don’t forget to always check my side bar for coupons!!! —->

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