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Quick Personalized Awards Display

 I’ve gotten in to running lately (if you haven’t noticed) and with that comes some very fun finishers medals. I was displaying them on our piano but that just wasn’t a good fit. I decided to make a little something to hang them on in my office. I simply picked up a small curtain rod and piece of oak from my local Menards and got to work. After deciding what I wanted it to say I used my Cricut and some vinyl to cut it out.

 I decided to use two different kinds of vinyl for my phrase the normal Lime/Tree Green and the Polka Dot Lime/Tree Green. Since I was using my Cricut to save time I was able to cut the plain vinyl on the top line and the patterned vinyl on the bottom and then cut it all at once.

After centering the phrase on the board I attached the curtain rod and that was it. Quick, simple, done. This could easily be personalized with your favorite phrase, sport, childs name or whatever!

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Quick Mirror Decoration with Frosted Vinyl

Check out my ‘new’ mirror, with its ‘etched glass’ at the top.

It is really quite simple using the frosted vinyl with any design you want, think monograms, names, butterflies, flowers, on and on the options go. For our mirror I just chose a simple swirl decal. The key to working with frosted vinyl is know which way is up its pretty easy really. Take a good look at it, you will notice there are some words on the background. Look for those words if they are backwards then the vinyl is facing up, if they are the right way your looking at the backing. Simple as that. (If you cant see it click on the picture to try and blow it up.)

Then its a simple cut out of the shape on your circut or silloute, and a trim down of the whole thing. For the trim down I First  peel off the extra vinyl then cover the whole thing with the transfer tape. Then trim it down as close as possible to the decal.

Next find where you want it on the mirror, a little measuring never hurt and mark it out with dry erase markers. Lastly peel it off the backing and place it on the mirror, rub from the center out to the edge and there you have it.


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Layered Vinyl Insperation

Today is my last full day on the cruise ship but no worries I’m still looking out for you!

When I posted up my Layered Vinyl T-Shirts at the Expressions Vinyl Blog I asked if anyone else had some layered vinyl projects they would share. I got almost an immediate response from Maria, she doesn’t have a blog (sad face) but she did send me pictures!! So here is a little inspiration for you!a DSC_0700DSC_0970DSC_0968PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


Layered Vinyl T-Shirts

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to layer Iron-on Vinyl for a while but just haven’t found the right project. But that all changed when my Mom and Dad agreed to do a Duathalon relay race with me! I decided to find some (semi) matching dri-fit shirts for us to wear on race day arn’t they cute?

So its actually pretty simple the biggest hint I have is always have the vinyl covered with something when ironing. The best option of course is the plastic sheet that comes attached but if that isn’t an option try the Multi Use Paper Sheets available in the T-Shirt Vinyl Section. Check out my video for a little more on how I made these cool shirts.


So go ahead and try it! I would love to see what you make layering iron on vinyl so if you have a project link it up in the comments below!

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Package Pal!

So this month I joined in with Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T. For her April Package Pals fun. I got matched up with another Jamie who writes the cute blog Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
I actually started following here when I met her and haven’t been disapointed. I’ve got birthdays on the brain (since mine is next Wednesday) and here 2 Minute Cupcake post caught my eye. I haven’t tried it yet but all it takes is cake mix, water a coffee cup and a microwave. Sounds good to me!


She is crazy talented at everything it seems but one of her most often featured is her sewing ability. That is where I got spoiled. After hearing my favorite colors were green and orange check out the cute kitchen towels she made me!D32B4634, Uploaded with Snapbucket3606F2DB, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Come back next week Friday to see what I made her!

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